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The Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize lands in the Algarve

On May 13 2017, the first edition of the Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize, Algarve reached its exciting conclusion with a prize giving and auction at the Conrad Algarve.

A 1st Prize of €750 went to Maria Beatriz de Carvalho Vicente from Nobel International School for her picture entitled Dive of the Being.  Her school won €1,500. 2nd Prize winner was Yalda Abbasi from Escola Secundária João de Deus – Faro, who won €500 and €1,000 for herself and her school, respectively, with Cubism Christmas in Faro.

Mariana dos Santos Teixeira from Escola Secundária Dr Francisco Fernandes Lopes - Olhão won 3rd Prize as voted for by the public.  Mariana received €300 and her school €500 for her picture entitled Confusion.

Peter Massey from The Phileas Fogg Theatre Company was the exuberant auctioneer who led an auction that raised €2,005 to be divided between the students and a chosen charity APEXA.

The 20 finalist's artworks had been shown over four exhibitions across the Algarve in Lagos, Portimão, Albufeira and Faro, as well as at an 'Art meets Jazz and Wine' afternoon, where guests came to view the paintings and partake in snacks and wine tasting while listening to 'Cool Manouche', a local Jazz band.

All parties were impressed with the concept and the standard of work submitted, and the stage has been set for a prize that should continue to grow in size and stature every year.


"On behalf of all the participants from the  Secundária Tomás Cabreira School em Faro, and teacher Fernanda Claro, we want to thank the helpful staff of the Sovereign team for the effort, dedication and patience placed in this contest. The event took place in a very organized, dynamic and captivating way. Those responsible for the organization of the exhibitions and the events are to be congratulated, as well as those who transported the works of the schools and put them up for exhibition.Above all, it is important to thank them for their interest in the two main causes of this contest: fundraising for a charity and belief in younger artists, which encourages them to continue their work. Contests like this spread  radiating  motivation for students, which makes them believe that there is still, in this world, concern for the aesthetics and artistic significance of personal creations. Adding to this purpose a cause as important as aiding specialized education makes the competition even more genuine and supportive, knowing that these causes will never cease to matter."

“As the representative of the Group of Albufeira Schools I wish to thank you for the opportunity afforded to our students to show their artistic talents.  Although they were not in the final three winners, it was very positive that they were chosen to present their work even more so because they are not art students and merely paint in their free time to express their emotions and their view of the world.  It is initiatives like this one from Sovereign that help our youngsters to intervene more in society and to also give value to art as a form of expression and communication.  We await expectantly the next edition of this competition."