Personal Stories

Ho Chu Hang - Participant in Make It Better 2015 Summer Programme “During the intense heat summer, I participated in Sovereign Art Foundation’s summer programme. At this programme, I was able to understand more about my own personality through different types of art, learning about my shortcomings, and then how to change myself to overcome this. All the activities at the summer programme were very unforgettable, part of the programme was Outward Bound. During Outward Bound, I learnt a lot, this session not only taught me how to survive in the wild, but I also came to appreciate what I have and understand that it is not necessary to enjoy the now, therefore we must cherish all the things we have and not be stubborn about the things we don’t have. In addition, visiting the Elderly Center made a big impression on me, while there we needed to prepare small games to play with them. It was fun during the designing process as we needed to design an innovative game that was also convenient for them to play with. We also had conversations with our elderly friends at the center, listening to their past and helping us understand what their lives were like for their generation. Thereafter, we used the stories they had told us to decorate the exterior wall of the center. This activity made me realise that the older generation of Hong Kongers dedicate a lot of time and energy to everything they do. They only wish to give out and never expect anything in return, they are great. Their behaviour is exactly like an old Chinese saying ‘the ancestor plants a tree, their successor cools under a tree’. This Summer Programme has greatly improved me physically, emotionally and spirituality. If there is an opportunity to participate again, I will gladly join, I will also recommend it to my friends and tell them to join in with the activities and help more people learn about this Programme”. Carmen – Participant in 2015 Make It Better Summer Programme, Hong Kong “Through spending time at the Elderly Center Services, we learnt that if we are willing to take the 1st step, the elderly are really willing to share with us. In addition, during the process of leading the games session, we all came to understand that we needed to be patient, so that we could explain how the games worked. The Elderly were not purposely trying to make it hard for us, they truly didn’t understand how to play and we needed to learn that they needed more time to understand what we were showing them. In addition, with the arts therapy, mainly through drawing, I was able to understand how I was feeling innately and to understand more about myself”.