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Born in 1975, James Vella Clark’s artistic debut took place in 2001 followed by several solo exhibitions in Malta, and abroad, namely in Germany

, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New York. Over the years he was also invited to participate in collective exhibitions in Barcelona, Florence, Brussels, Duisburg, Vienna, and London.

James Vella Clark’s expressionist and bold ‘abstracted’ interpretations of the Maltese urban and rural landscape have been gradually gaining a more abstract dimension and today, the artist’s main idiom is abstraction which lends mostly to the abstract expressionist movement of the fifties and sixties. His chromatically charged landscapes dotted with symbolic details however, remain distinctive.

Besides being present in many private collections in Malta and abroad, his work is also present in numerous hotels, banks and corporate collections.

James Vella Clark lives and works from his studio in Valletta.