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Evan Sohun is a multifaceted and resourceful Mauritian artist, instilled with a strong artistic signature whose influences stem from the various creative stages of his life. He has been paving the way in the creative world since the age of 16, persisting in an eager and curious exploration of new methods for developing his art. Evan’s collection of creative undertakings include the publication of numerous animated book designs and magazine covers, as well as joint and solo art exhibitions and cultural festivals at local, regional and international levels.

Represented in Mauritius by Imaaya Art Gallery, his focus today is painting on canvas and paper, and the creation of appealing wall murals for city centres. Evan’s belief – that art is a powerful way to trigger effective social change when channelled appropriately – has led him to conduct workshops for the vulnerable communities of Mauritius, in close collaboration with regional schools and community advocates. His purposefully disordered and burlesque style is often stroked in carefully chosen warm and bright colours, and highlighted by interesting graphic visual effects, so that his compositions achieve an assertive balance of line, colour, and space.