Mullegama Youth Arts

In 2014, The Sovereign Art Foundation supported the Colombo Biennale and the Mullegama Art Centre of Sri Lanka by sponsoring a series of Biennale art workshops. The workshops were run by Sri Lankan artist and Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2010 winner, Pala Pothupitiya, and six artists associated with the Mullegama Art Centre. The workshops, which were held over two consecutive weekends, attracted twenty-six participants including students from private International and government village schools, and an orphanage as well as the Mullegama Art Center, a total of 9 organizations.

The coordinator for the workshop, Lalith Manage, a teacher at the City School of Architecture in Colombo and the curatorial coordinator for CAB 2014, planned the workshop and design the activity programs with Pala Pothupitiye. In this workshop, students looked at conceptual thinking of transition from 2D to 3D, via the design and production of soft sculpture. The workshop demonstrated the limitations of individual endeavours, and the creative potential and excitement of collaborative art projects.

The five sculpture artworks students created were then exhibited prominently at the Goethe Institut Hall at Colombo, during the 2014 Colombo Art Biennale.

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