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Make It Better

Craft Junk Garden Outing

On Saturday 2 December, a group of Make It Better beneficiaries took a ferry ride to experience Lantau Island’s Craft Junk Garden.


Thanks to funds from Kids Love Nature, the Make It Better beneficiaries enjoyed a day out to Lantau Island to explore and learn amongst nature, taking part in an ‘eco-craft’ session repurposing wooden blocks into quilled porcupines. 

The children learned about upcycling through creative artmaking and games. They also discovered interesting facts about real porcupines, connecting these spiny creatures’ defense mechanisms to managing their own feelings of threat. Relating nature to human emotion fostered empathy. 

By recycling discarded wood, the children experienced being environmentally responsible. They learned how everyday objects contain artistic potential and that creativity thrives amid nature’s abundance. This joyful day gave our beneficiaries the opportunity to develop important emotional skills while immersed in the natural beauty of Hong Kong’s great outdoors. By exposing at-risk children to therapeutic outdoor learning, we can create lasting impact and we are grateful for partnerships that enable such rewarding experiences.

Thank you so much to Kids Love Nature and to our kind volunteers for their support on this fun day out!