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The Make It Better Programme



Founded in 2013, our Hong Kong-based Make It Better programme is led by a professional team of Art Therapists and Facilitators, and combines expressive arts workshops for children with special educational needs with support for their caregivers and educators.

The Situation in Hong Kong

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Poverty and Housing Crisis


Covid Isolation


Lack of Support


Of children described their home as tense or fearful during the lockdown


The median number of weeks a child can wait to receive mental health care


Of students estimated to have poor mental health due to recent social turmoil
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For Children

Our work promotes positive social and emotional change in children who are facing social, emotional, and behavioural challenges. Our aim is to nurture an increase in their overall wellbeing, skills, and competencies, promoting positive school adjustment, and equipping them for life at school and beyond.

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For Caregivers

The pressures associated with providing care to children with special educational needs (SEN) can have a profound psychological impact on caregivers. This is particularly true for members of disadvantaged communities in Hong Kong, many of whom face heightened mental health risks due to the burden of financial stress and poor housing conditions, as well as social events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Over time, many caregivers develop negative self-image, which can lead to feelings of isolation and social withdrawal. In some cases, the quality of care to the child and other family members can be compromised.

With our work, we support the mental health and wellbeing of these caregivers, especially when it comes to managing emotions, reducing stress, building resilience, and cultivating peer support. We also focus on helping them strengthen the parent-child relationship.

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For Educators

In addition to supporting children’s overall wellbeing, expressive arts can help increase efficacy of communication between educators and their students, and help educators foster classrooms as safe spaces for children to express themselves. Our professional team have developed a train-the-trainer model to help familiarise educators with the application of expressive arts and art therapy-led techniques within an education setting, equip them with the relevant skills and knowledge to implement different expressive arts activities and help further their understanding of the importance of arts in childhood development.

There is a significant amount of research to support the benefits of arts engagement on education related outcomes for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our aim is to support educators and help them create environments where their students can succeed.