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In 2013, The Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF) launched Make It Better (MIB), an initiative that supports children from low-income backgrounds and with special educational needs (SEN) in Hong Kong. MIB works in local schools and community centres to offer children a programme of expressive arts workshops, designed to build self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness and interpersonal skills.

The workshops cater for children aged 6-12 and are led by creative arts therapists and experienced art facilitators, supported by social workers and volunteers. In addition, MIB provides support and training to teachers, social workers and caregivers of children with SEN, by introducing them to the therapeutic benefits of art and nurturing a culture of peer-to-peer support.

Workshop Locations

We currently run workshops in 27 locations around Hong Kong every week. Click on each location to see the name of the school or community center.

Workshop Content

The activities provided by MIB workshops are designed to teach participants self-awareness and confidence, help them build respect for themselves and others, develop stronger focus and engage with the wider community. MIB workshops cover a series of modules based on tangible learning experiences.



Interpersonal Skills

Exploring Nature

Modules are reinforced with artistic activities designed to support each concept in a non-competitive and creative environment. Each module is designed to encourage the growth of a child’s own self-expression, while ensuring the continued development of appropriate and healthy social interaction with other children from different backgrounds. Participants are offered one-on-one support throughout. The full 27-week programme, designed for children aged 6-12, concludes with a graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievements.

Partner Organisations and Schools

SAF maintains a close relationship with partner organisations in order to properly understand, monitor and address the specific needs of each community. New partnerships are established with each school term and the popularity of MIB has led to a waiting-list of organisations seeking to join the programme.

In 2015, SAF formed a partnership with the Centre on Behavioural Health, The University of Hong Kong (HKU); and began working with their Masters of Expressive Arts Therapy students to keep up with best-practice techniques, research and evaluation criteria. In 2017, SAF further cemented its partnership with HKU by securing a grant from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to launch a three-year ‘train-the-trainer’ programme titled ‘Jockey Club Expressive Arts Programme for Children’. The pioneering programme, which began in August 2017, is led by the MIB team with the support of HKU research staff and aims to train teachers in Hong Kong to integrate principles of expressive arts therapy into their classes, in order to better support children with diagnosed SEN and their classmates. MIB regularly collaborates with arts organisations and other NGOs to host special workshop days and excursions for participants and supports many businesses in achieving their corporate social responsibility aims.

The public of Hong Kong can also support MIB by donating online or becoming a volunteer.



The best experience was going for a community trip – we visited the park, the fire stations and the shopping malls nearby. I learnt to be aware of the safety issues when going outside. Second was creating our own story, I think it helped to improve our thinking skills. Finally, I like the fishing game that we played in the lesson. I learnt about some skills for emotional controls.

Primary 3, Tseng Kwan O


I feel grateful that I could participate as a volunteer in the MIB project, and so glad to see changes in the children throughout the sessions. After the workshops, they are more willing to express their thoughts and feelings, and it is one of the best parts of being a trainee of Expressive Arts Therapy.

Volunteer trainee, The University of Hong Kong


This is a beautiful creative experience for me to get to know this group of adorable children with SAF’s professional, fun and mindful facilitators with a great heart. I have gained much in this special journey. The fruitful seed from this journey has already planted in the hearts of the kids and I hope that the seed will sprout from the surface and grow further in the near future

Volunteer trainee, The University of Hong Kong

Ms. Ma

MIB has been a very popular course amongst our students and their parents, not only helping to cultivate creativity in arts, but also helping students in understanding themselves, facilitating emotional expressions and improving social skills. Parents and teachers witness positive changes and growth within the children who attend the workshops

Ms. Ma
Teacher, Tseng Kwan O

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