Make It Better

The Make It Better project is a Sovereign Art Foundation initiative that offers weekend and midweek workshops to underprivileged children living in Hong Kong’s most disadvantaged parts. Programme locations include Sham Shui Po, Tai Wai and Kowloon City – areas known for terribly cramped living conditions and appalling poverty, where the working-class residents are frequently isolated from the wider society that we enjoy.

Make It Better works with families affiliated with locally established organisations to provide empowering learning activities reinforced by art to the children of such families. Make It Better seeks to give these children the time, attention and opportunities they may not otherwise receive and offers one-on-one assistance in all workshops, allowing the children to discover themselves, their communities and positive options for their future.

The SAF team has developed a 27-week programme which is divided into two parts and then into various modules.  Each module identifies a relevant learning and realization experience, and a corresponding artistic activity is designed to support that concept in a non-verbal, non-competitive and creative environment.  Make It Better embraces principles from Art Therapy practice, incorporating them into programmes with an aim to utilising and fostering a child’s own creativity in order to help and heal, providing safe spaces where children from disadvantaged areas and backgrounds can feel free to express themselves and to develop socially and emotionally.

We work with Hong Kong University’s Master of Expressive Arts Therapy students for guidance on the latest techniques and to produce research and data. We also work closely with established organisations in impoverished areas of the city to properly understand the specific needs of each community.

The programme is continuously growing and reaching more children in need, and we are now working with children who have serious learning and other disabilities. We have seen that our programmes have a tremendously positive impact and are committed to making it better for the children of Hong Kong.

If you wish to volunteer with the Make It Better project please click here.