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Com este trabalho eu queria falar sobre o amor. Todos os aspetos do amor. O positivo e o negativo. A dor e a euforia. Eu pensei sobre o que senti e dei liberdade aos meus entimentos na tela. “Nem sei se queria estar aqui contigo.
Nem sei se est?s. Nem sei se estou.
Quem teria coragem para amar?
Amor ? dor. ? querer gritar, fugir, ficar.
Segurar, largar.
? ter-te e depois perder-te.
? a sede de um toque. Do teu toque.
Daquele que j? n?o me pertence.
N?o sei se te amei, n?o sei se tive a coragem.
N?o sei se algum dia a terei.
Ainda est?s a??”

With this work I wanted to talk about love. All the sides of love. The positive and the negative. The pain and the euphoria. I thought about what I felt. “I don’t know if I want to be here with you.
I don’t even know if you are here. Am I?
Who has the courage to love?
Love is pain.
It’s the desire to scream, to run, to stay.
To hold and to let go.
It’s having you, and then losing you.
It’s the thirst for a touch. Your touch.
The one that doesn’t belong to me. Not anymore.
I don’t know if I ever loved you, I don’t know if I was brave enough.
I don’t even know if someday I will be brave enough.
Are you still here?”

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